#2 Entrepreneurship Can Be a Lonely Business

This week Jorge and his guest, Mark Jamnick, discuss the community that brought them together and how it has supported them in their businesses. Running a business can be grueling and it can easily leads to isolation and loneliness. You get so “heads down” busy, that you don’t think to reach out.

Listen in as Jorge and Mark discuss this communities and others that have supported them personally and in their business making the experience much better. The communities have assisted them in areas where they lacked insight, experience or key skill.

More on Mark Jamnick
Mark  lives and breathes efficiencies to create time and streamline sales. After a decade in Corporate America, he left a successful advertising career and set out for his next chapter. He was recruited by the Tony Robbins organization, to be 1 of 100 active global coaches. Over 5 years, he coached one-on-one to 300+ CEO’s, entrepreneurs, & sales professionals. He now consults Marketing Firm owners to streamline their sales process to accomplish more, in less time through his proven Sales Efficiency Method. Early in 2021, Mark put his own method to the ultimate test…he sold his car and high rise condo to live a life of travel visiting National Parks, friends and the beauty that is America and in the process grew his business 75% Year Over Year.

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