#13 Tight Knit Mastermind Communities Get You Priceless Business Feedback

A well-run mastermind group fosters transparent relationships between business owners. People who would otherwise not speak honestly to each other open up and willingly expose their vulnerabilities to each other. That provides the typically isolated entrepreneurs with relationships to fellow business owners who can get them valuable advice, guidance and feedback on the issues they need to solve.

In this episode, Jorge speaks to Ben Denny. They they discuss their experience with mastermind groups or communities and how they enable members to get answers to business and even personal issues they wouldn’t otherwise be able to get.

Ben Denny is the CMO of Memberium (memberium.com), a Utah based software company that provides membership systems for people selling online courses. Most of the time, Ben is working on executing marketing strategy for Memberium, but in his free time, he enjoys exercising, going out to new restaurants, and spending time with his daughter.