#15 What Is a Mastermind and Why Should I Care…and You Should?

Masterminds are more like a real community than any else. A well-run mastermind provides you with a group of peers that take interest in you. If the mastermind involves your business, they can provide you with support, encouragement, advice and guidance to help you succeed. There’s nothing like a knowledgeable outside team give you a hand. In this episode, Jorge speaks with Sarah Laws who met in a mastermind over a decade ago. They share there experience in mastermind and Sarah’s specialization running and promoting masterminds.

Sarah Laws, is a serial entrepreneur, marketing nerd, and wearer of many hats. Sarah runs a boutique marketing agency (www.LawsMarketing.com), builds and manages partner programs (www.FullstackMarketing.co), herds cats entrepreneurs in masterminds (www.MartiniMastermind.com) and has recently created a mastermind directory, DexConnects.com, to fulfill her mission of connecting entrepreneurs and business owners around the world.

Sarah was voted Keap’s Most Helpful Partner three years in a row and believes that helping others win is really a win for everyone.